The short answer is: Yes.

We are still here for you and operating as best we can. But you may see some changes, including telephone or video consultations. If you are required to come in, we will be wearing protective clothing, whether you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus of not. 

You can see what we mean in this short film:

How difficult is it to have a video consultation? 

The clinician may ask if you are happy to transfer from a telephone consultation to a video consultation using your smart phone. 

We use various different systems for video consultations, many of which allow us to text you a link, which you then click on to launch a video consultation. So with this in mind it is useful to make sure you have a good wifi connection and are in a place of privacy if you wish to consent to a video consultation.

Please watch the film below if you want further information:  

What can I do to prepare? 

It would be very helpful if you could check and make a note of the following prior to talking to the GP/ANP: 

1) Your pulse rate: 

How do you check your pulse rate? Here’s a step-by-step guide on the NHS website.

Or here’s a video from the British Heart Foundation:

2) Your blood pressure

That’s if you have a home monitor. If you’re unsure how to use it, the British Heart Foundation has more information on this link. 

3) Your temperature

If you have a home thermometer, you can follow this guide on the NHS website.

4) Your respiratory rate.

You can download Respiratory Rate apps for your mobile device.

RRate is one that’s available for free via Google Play or the Apple Store.

[Other apps are available and a link isn’t an official recommendation.]

If we need to issue a prescription as a result of the consultation, this will be done electronically direct to a pharmacy. Therefore it is helpful to think in advance of which pharmacy is most convenient for you.