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Working alongside JUCD Wellbeing Hub we would like to offer the below FREE training for any team member to become a Reflective Practice Facilitator. Having a member of the team trained in facilitating sessions for colleagues will enable targeted, swift responses to requests from staff who feel the opportunity to discuss events, the impact it has had on them as individuals and as a group, and then work with the support offered in terms of  moving on from these events, would be beneficial and improve their health and wellbeing.


Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice Sessions can be used to have a conversation with a group/Team who may not appreciate they are struggling and will allow the opportunity to chat about an event or period of work and what it meant for them. There is also an opportunity within the group to chat about the significance for them individually or as a group. This approach is especially useful for colleagues who are dealing with repeated exposure to potentially traumatic events (PTEs) and/or stressful work environments.

  • This will provide an opportunity to:
    • Have a guided conversation (chat) with colleagues
    • Be better placed to identify whether there is an urgent need for support and whether there is a risk to a colleague or others continuing without any support
    • Factors to discuss during the conversation, having a measure of the impact and effect on a group/team as a whole or for individuals within the session
    • What to look out for in self and colleagues during these extremely testing times and what support may be to hand and how to access it

About the training

  • Date: Wednesday 13th September 13:30-15:30pm
  • Training will be delivered face-to-face at RTC Business Park, London Road, Derby.
  • Length of training: 2.5 hours
  • Blended learning to include presentations, discussion and group work
  • The training session will provide the individual with a format for hosting the sessions, toolkit of models to support and guide conversations and join the JUCD Phycological Peer Support Network

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