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Thursday 30th June & Friday 1st July 2022 | 9:00am to 4:00pm


  • Available for: All
  • Funding: CPD
  • Spaces Remaining: 5

Learn how to examine the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

“I would highly recommend this course, very interactive and a must for anyone involved in heart/lung patients”

“Extremely informative – will definitely help my practice.”

“Our tutor really knew his subject. I have learnt so much from this intensive course. Course was very helpful for my new job!”

-Training provider Past course delegates

Course Content : 

Applied cardio-respiratory anatomy and physiology

Conduction system, cardiac cycle

Auscultatory technique:

  • Using the stethoscope
  • The five auscultatory areas
  • Enhancement and environment

Heart sound dynamics:

  • Basic heart sounds, their origins
  • Electrocardiogram relationship to the sounds
  • Depolarisation and repolarisation

Normal heart sounds:

  • First and second sounds; third and fourth sounds

Abnormal heart sounds:

  • Opening snaps; systolic ejection sounds
  • Murmurs – systolic and diastolic, continuous

Arterial Blood Gases interpretation workshop

Chest X-ray interpretation workshop

Auscultatory areas:

  • Thoracic structures and landmarks;
  • Anterior, lateral and posterior chest wall surfaces

Auscultatory technique:

  • Normal breath sounds
  • Abnormal and diminished breath sounds, crackles, wheezes

Accurately recording your findings

Legal and professional consideration

Course aims and outcomes:

  • Advanced understanding of cardio-respiratory anatomy & physiology
  • Accurate cardiac assessment and record keeping
  • Develop a good understanding of heart and lung sounds

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