GPTF support has meant that Practices feel supported and nurtured.

The advice has given practices a change in perspective, helping to give them time and space to innovate. Here are some examples of feedback received:

“The GPTF project has been supportive and innovative but without being intrusive. It’s been a good balance and we’ve had someone to call when we needed it. We have, with help from the project, changed our appointment system and it is already saving GPs clinical time. I would highly recommend the GPTF project to another GP practice”  Suzanne Rigby (Practice Manager)

“The GPTF have fully supported us at Derwent Valley Medical Practice, we outlined our problems/areas of improvement and the GPTF have given support and advised in this area. We have had contact with a GP and Practice Manger followed by a very detailed report with action points for the practice to work on. The practice has fully engaged with the task force to enable this project to have the best outcome. “ Gemma Baines (Office Manager)

“The intervention was vital and came at a time when the federation was struggling to shape an all member event planned as a result of several issues. Clear help, guidance and continual support was offered and delivered with the facility for ongoing help. This resulted in a positive event and the continuation of the federation.” Martin Donohoe (Director)

“It has been very helpful to look at our own practices which have evolved over the years and change them so that we use other members of the team to the best of their ability and reduce clinician admin workload. We have already noted a significant reduction in our admin tasks day to day for the doctors.”  Dr Minal Martin (GP Partner)

“The task force project has really helped us to focus on the requests we receive for home visits. Through a systematic approach we have been able to objectively consider all requests for visits and make assessments as to the whether it is needed or whether the particular issue can be dealt with some other way. Even in the early days, we have already seen a reduction in the number of home visits carried out and expect the number of requests to reduce too. Susie really helped us to focus on process and culture to achieve an outcome that has improved our practice.” Sarah Longland (Practice Manager)