The General Practice Task Force aims to involve and support the entire Derbyshire system.

There are many ways practices and individuals can get involved:

GPTF Fellowships 2021-2022 Are you wanting to do something different?

Express your interest for 2021 Fellowships

Over the past 2 years GPTF have been running flexible fellowships that have retained GPs in the county by developing leadership skills, project management experience and additional clinical / managerial skills. Our fellowships have led to additional job opportunities, national academic presentations and helped shape support for GPs and practices throughout the county.

As opportunities for new GPs and First5 GPs have increased with the offer of New to Practice and ‘Trailblazer’ Fellowships, we are keen to ensure that GPs in their mid / later career can also access a portfolio career development scheme.

We have therefore taken the decision to offer these fellowships to GPs at least 5 years post CCT.

Please read the Advert. Scheme details GPTF Fellow 20.21 for more information about this opportunity including eligibility and funding.

Please complete this Expression of Interest form and submit a copy of your CV by 5 April 2021.

Practice Innovation – A Call For Cases

Derbyshire has many examples of innovative general practice.

Whether you’re embracing new models of care, working collaboratively, employing a diverse thriving workforce or have created exciting workload solutions that benefit you and your patients, we want to hear from you.

GPTaskForce Derbyshire will work-up case studies with / or on behalf of practices and groups of practices to showcase what Derbyshire is achieving. We want to be able to help colleagues see how transformation can positively impact working lives.

If you would like to be involved or find out more please contact us.

GP Champions

We are looking for front line GPs who could inspire the next generation of GPs. We hope to fight the negative stereotypes of general practice and low morale, we would like to have the opportunity to showcase great general practice in Derbyshire and use this to enthuse trainees about a career in general practice in Derbyshire.

So if you have a passion for what you do, are working in a novel role as a GP or are leading transformation in Derbyshire we need you. 

The aim is to cover a wealth of different career options, and give a good overview of why people have chosen to work differently and how they have got to their current role, along with what training and support helped. We would like trainees to see our local GPs as innovators and role models.

Backfill will be provided for attending GP training sessions to showcase your role.

If you would like to be involved or find out more please contact us.

Struggling To Recruit?

Have you got a number of vacancies or long-term roles you cannot fill?

If so, we are looking for practices who we can support through our Recruiting for Retention project.

If you would like to be involved or find out more please contact us.