What is GP Aspire?

GP Aspire initially starting as a pilot project in early 2018 to try and retain GPs considering leaving general practice.  After listening to GPs across the county, the project has now widened to support all GPs in Derbyshire at any stage of their career with the following:

  • 1:1 Careers advice
  • Support for those changing roles
  • Signposting to available support including wellbeing, mentoring, leadership and mental health
  • Job brokering
  • Help designing your perfect portfolio career
  • Welcome to work support for those re-joining the profession or new to Derbyshire

GP Aspire is also developing to include:

  • Targeted support for newly qualified GPs including the GP Preceptorship Programme
  • Facilitated Networking
  • Development programmes including the GP Partnership Development Programme

To summarise the current support available we have created this interactive GPTF Interactive Guide e-brochure explaining the local and national support available to Derbyshire GPs at all stages of their career journey.


A CHANGE OF ROLE? If you want advice on varied careers, a change in career or what options are available to you, please get in touch. We’re already supporting over 60 Derbyshire GPs in working out their next steps.

NEW TO GENERAL PRACTICE? If you’re qualifying this year and would like to know how to get support from the GP Preceptorship programme please contact us.

NEW TO DERBYSHIRE? Contact us for a welcome to work interview. You will receive dedicated GP peer support to introduce you to work in Derbyshire and discussion on the support and networking within the county.

THINKING OF LEAVING? If you have recently left the profession, changed role or are considering leaving the profession in the next 5 years we want to hear from you.

Find out how to contact us.