Out of Hours General Practice

Working flexibly on shifts throughout the week including weekends and nights can offer exposure to more acute presentations of illness. You can work either solely within OOH, or as a bolt-on to a portfolio career.

Our local OOH Provider DHU Health Care has a wealth of experience in supporting GPs working in OOH. They offer training and development so you will become increasingly confident in managing patients in this setting. There expert clinical supervision and GPs working for DHU will be part of a network of over 40 professionals at any one time.

For GPs concerned about medical indemnity, DHU Health Care provide cover for your OOH shifts.

You can find out how to apply for work in our local OOH provider by clicking this link.

We are working with DHU Health Care to develop portfolio roles, if you are interested in finding out more and would like to help shape these roles please contact us.

Extended Hours General Practice

Government funding now means there is opportunity for GPs to work flexibly in the evenings and weekends seeing pre booked patients within GP Surgeries as part of a Hub. Each ‘Place’ has different arrangements on the staffing for these Hubs.

We would recommend you discuss with local practices their extended hours provisions and how you can get involved.