GP numbers are dropping and morale is low, but the GP Task Force wants to change that

The most recent BMA GPC Survey 2017 has shown widespread GP vacancies throughout the country, with rates slightly higher in the East Midlands. There is dissatisfaction amongst 4 out of 5 of partners, and perhaps unsurprisingly salaried GPs are being put off moving into partnerships. At the same time only 11% of GPs in the East Midlands feel their workload is manageable.

Recent Research has shown reasons for leaving general practice are complex but the key themes are:

1) Issues relating to personal and professional identity and the perceived value of general practice-based care within the healthcare system.

2) Concerns regarding fear and risk

3) Issues around choice and volition in respect of personal social, financial, domestic and professional considerations.

Although HEE have recently announced the largest recruitment of GP trainees, Professor Ian Cummings CEO of HEE has said that he expects 1200 of the 3000 GPs that qualify annually to have left the Health Service within five years.

We therefore need to support this key group to ensure a net INCREASE in the Derbyshire workforce:

GP Champions

We are looking for frontline GPs who could inspire the next generation of GPs. We hope to fight the negative stereotypes of general practice and low morale, we would like to have the opportunity to showcase great general practice in Derbyshire and use this to enthuse trainees about a career in general practice in Derbyshire.

So if you have  a passion for what you do, are working in a novel role as a GP or are leading transformation in Derbyshire we need you. 

The aim is to cover a wealth of different career options, and give a good overview of why people have chosen to work differently and how they have got to their current role and what training and support helped. We would like trainees to see our local GPs as innovators and role models.

Backfill will be provided for attending GP training sessions to showcase your role.

If you would like to be involved or find out more please contact us.