The current and worsening crisis in the general practice workforce has been well documented. The King’s Fund 2016 ‘ Understanding Pressures in general practice’ showed that practices are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain GPs. GPs are choosing to retire early and fewer GPs are choosing to undertake full-time clinical work. In addition GPs are turning away from traditional Partnership roles. This results in a perfect storm, putting increasing pressure on a diminishing workforce with poor morale. The picture in Derbyshire is no different from that seen nationally. We have seen GPs decreasing sessions, a large number of vacancies and difficulty in recruiting.

The Kings Fund study suggested a need to design a workforce strategy to support more sustainable careers for GPs, promoting sustainable and fulfilling options for development and recognizing changing career preferences among GPs. Our GP Retention project does just that, by looking holistically at improving and maintaining GP retention by appreciating the different drivers that result in attrition throughout a GPs career. By reducing attrition and encouraging workforce retention we intend to stabilize general practice in Derbyshire. By having attractive initiatives with inbuilt flexibility, we hope to encourage GPs who have left, back into the workforce. This approach will include:

  1. Communicating with VTS schemes to encourage GP Trainees to remain in the county following qualification.
  2. Looking at flexibility and wellbeing support for GPs throughout their career.
  3. Encouraging delayed retirement by listening to those at the end of their career and meeting their individual needs.
  4. Using evidence-based strategies and feedback from local pilots to inform the initiatives suggested.

These build upon the valuable retention data and intelligence captured through our scoping project already underway and reaching momentum.

We are also showcasing individuals with flexible careers and different methods used by practices to improve workload / work life balance. Finally through innovative recruitment support we aim to help practices think differently about their recruitment needs and processes.

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