Support during your Pause

This is a free peer-mentoring, coaching and signposting service for General Practice.

Individuals can access up to 4 sessions of support lasting 2 hours each over 12 months, to discuss anything they’d like – in confidence – and work to create positive steps forward. GP-S can be used by anyone who would like to explore ways to develop themselves or have a problem or opportunity they’re not sure how to move forward with. This could be personally, professionally or within your career. We aim to build resilience in the General Practice workforce by allowing you time and space to develop your personal goals.

To refer yourself please go to:

This is a free, confidential NHS service for doctors and dentists across England with mental illness and addiction problems, who are working or looking to return to clinical practice. For more information, visit their website.

We are more than happy to help GPs with careers advice. Explore our GP support pages or contact us

‘The Portfolio route is designed for doctors who have:

  • Previously worked independently and unsupervised as a general practitioner in the UK and have had a break of up to ten years from NHS general practice, while working as a general practitioner overseas, and now want to return to work in England.
  • Or doctors who moved overseas to work as a general practitioner soon after gaining their CCT or CEGPR in the UK and have had a break of up to ten years from NHS general practice, while working as a general practitioner overseas, and now want to work in England.

If you’ve had a break and not worked as a GP in the NHS for two years or more, you will need a short period of refresher training which must be completed before re-joining NHS England’s Medical Performers List.

For more information visit RCGP

Local Networks

This is now run as free virtual education for all GPs in Derbyshire.

To see the upcoming education sessions or to book yourself on, visit the Events Page.

This group supports any GPs in Derbyshire in their first 5 years of training with their monthly education sessions.

You can join their Facebook group: ‘Derbyshire First5 GPs’ or email: to join their mailing list.

You can also join the LMC mailing list, if you would like regular email updates on changes happening in the local area that affect GP Practice.

Simply email:

A guide for GPs – maternity and other types of parental leave

The BMA have recently produced a guide which they feel will be useful for: Maternity leave, Paternity leave, Adoption leave, Shared parental leave, Statutory parental bereavement leave, Leave for surrogates and Unpaid parental leave. Information about maternity pay will be in individual contracts, but there is also useful information from the BMA

GP education session with babies, RCGP

Nottingham held their first event earlier this year but these are obviously on hold due to the pandemic. Keep an eye out on the RCGP website for further sessions, or sign up for GP Pause emails and we can let you know when the next one occurs.

Keeping In Touch days (KIT)

You can take these if on maternity/paternity/adoption leave. KIT days allow employees to work up to 10 days without bringing the leave period to an end. Pay for KIT days is to be agreed between the employer and employee but the NHS Scheme provides for employees to be paid at their basic daily rate for the hours worked, less appropriate maternity leave payment for KIT days worked.

For more information on KIT days, click here

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