Derbyshire practices continue to innovate to deliver high quality healthcare to their patients.

We’ve collated some of these innovative ideas here for you to consider introducing into your practice.

If you have examples of practice innovation you would like to share please contact us.

Health Care Coaching – Improving The Health Outcomes Of Diabetes

Provided by the Medical and Health Coaching Academy 

They say ‘ the key to reducing the impact of long-term health conditions such as diabetes, to both patients and the wider healthcare system is not just through more effective treatment or technology, but something more fundamental – changing the relationship between patients and healthcare practitioners, so that patients feel empowered and motivated to take better control of their diabetes themselves.

Local Pioneers: Thinking Outside The Box

Erewash is one of the ‘vanguard’ multi-speciality community providers (MCPs) areas and has moved towards a community system, where people support themselves and take responsibility for their own care, having access to a community support service.

The GP Consultant Model

West Hallam Medical Centre changed their practice skill-mix in 2016 with incredible outcomes. Writing in the British Journal of General Practice, the team say:

‘ We now work as ‘GP consultants’ — not just as GPs — a term we believe is essential for the future of general practice, to improve our morale and to inspire our future workforce to choose general practice. We supervise our excellent team of nurse practitioners, paramedics, pharmacists, nurses, medical students, and HCAs while they see the patients, update medication, and deal with routine enquiries. Because of the skill-mix change, as GPs we can now oversee every patient contact that needs our high-level skills, spend more time with complicated patients, and at the end of most days have spare appointments that are not used and we leave the practice on time.’