The GP Consultant Model

‘The driver for the model was to have happy GPs. Happy GPs make a happy and safe practice’. Richard Page, Managing Partner

No longer prepared to accept the status quo of exhaustion and relentless workload, West Hallam Medical Centre decided things had to change in their practice in 2016.

In discussion with the practice staff and patients, they radically changed their skill mix with incredible outcomes. Writing in the British Journal of General Practice, the team say:

‘ We now work as ‘GP consultants’ — not just as GPs — a term we believe is essential for the future of general practice, to improve our morale and to inspire our future workforce to choose general practice. We supervise our excellent team of nurse practitioners, paramedics, pharmacists, nurses, medical students, and HCAs while they see the patients, update medication, and deal with routine enquiries. Because of the skill-mix change, as GPs we can now oversee every patient contact that needs our high-level skills, spend more time with complicated patients, and at the end of most days have spare appointments that are not used and we leave the practice on time.’

If you would like to see how the GP Consultant model could be implemented in our practice please contact us.