As part of one of our workshops. We invited Henry Clay from the Primary Care Foundation to come and speak.

A year ago, ‘Making Time in General Practice’ sought to tackle the increasing workload in general practice.  NHS England have now commissioned the Primary Care Foundation to follow up on their study in two ways.   

They have been asked to look again at the bureaucratic burden on practices.  An online survey allows practice managers to offer direct feedback about the administrative tasks that take up your time and how they might be managed better.  This includes how practices are paid, contact with hospitals, as well as the full range of tasks that take time and divert energy away from direct patient care. The last survey led to immediate changes and this time there is an opportunity for you to meet up with national leaders and make your voice heard.  Please make your voice heard by spending ten minutes completing the online bureaucracy survey. 


 Robert Varnam, Head of General Practice Development at NHS England said “This is a real opportunity for practices to shape General Practice Forward View work to reduce burdens. It’s vital that we have real data about the big areas where further changes could be made in the system. The last survey shaped priorities for the Forward View and led to immediate changes.  One example was that we changed the Standard Contract for all NHS Trusts to stop blanket policies that force re-referral and reduce other sources of workload for practices.


Chaand Nagpaul, Chair of the BMA’s General Practice Committee, added “We welcome this timely opportunity for practices to make known the realities of bureaucracy affecting General Practice, and whether NHS England driven changes over the past year have made a noticeable difference to practice workload. The BMA’s recent survey of more than 5,000 GPs paints a deeply worrying picture with eight out of ten GPs saying that excessive workload was affecting the quality of patient care they could provide. We need this bottom up information to inform immediate and necessary changes to support GPs at this highly pressurised time.”

Everyone who completes the survey will also be invited to take part in two national sessions with leaders from NHS England and Capita, so you can put your ideas and concerns direct to people at the top.

They are also extending a free, simple audit reviewing potentially avoidable appointments to all practices, helping practice teams understand different ways of reducing workload. Henry Clay from the Primary Care Foundation spoke about this at one of the workshops locally organized by the General Practice Task Force.  For more information and to take part go to audit application form or contact the Primary Care Foundation direct on