Are you struggling with long-term vacancies? Would you like support and advice inn how to recruit differently? The GP Task Force can help.

Recruitment Support Pack

Whether you are searching for a new GP partner, salaried GP, ANP or Practice Manager there are too few applicants and and too many practices fighting for the best candidates. We frequently get asked by practices; ‘ how can we recruit?’, so we have compiled this resource pack to help practices navigate their way to recruitment success:

Derbyshire Recruitment Pack

Lateral thinking

GPs are a diverse group with varied needs. We are hoping to provide a Matching Service for GPs and practices.

If your practice would be interested in employing / supporting GPs working in novel roles please contact us. This might include:

GP Forward View Support

We have funding via the GP Forwards View to give intensive support to practices with multiple or long-standing vacancies. If you would like to find out more please see our ‘Recruitment for Retention’ page and contact us.