What is the PCN Maturity Matrix?

The Primary Care Network (PCN) Maturity Matrix outlines components that underpin the successful development of networks. It sets out a progression model that evolves from the initial steps and actions that enable networks to begin to establish through to growing the scope and scale of the role of networks in delivering greater integrated care and population health for their neighbourhoods.
The matrix was built through learning from the initial wave of Integrated Care Systems who commenced early work on the design and development of PCNs during 2017/18. It has since been refreshed in light of the NHS Long Term Plan and the GP Contract Framework. A number of systems have developed their own version of the maturity matrices to meet local need.

Purpose of the Maturity Matrix

The PCN maturity matrix is not a binary checklist or a performance management tool. It is designed to support network leaders, working in collaboration with systems, places and other local leaders within neighbourhoods, to work together to understand the development journey both for individual networks, and how groups of networks can collaborate together across a place in the planning and delivery of care. Using the matrix as a basis for these discussions will allow networks to:-

  • Come together around a shared sense of purpose, identify where PCNs are in their journey of development and consider how they can build on existing improvements such as those that may have been enabled by the GP Forward View and other local integration initiatives.
  • Make plans for further development that help networks to continue to expand integrated care and approaches to population health, and that can best meet the health and care needs of the population served by the network.
  • Identify support needs using the PCN Development Support Prospectus as a guide for framing support plans.

PCN Maturity Matrix – Issued August 2019

GPTF PCN and Practice Support

PCN Development Support Prospectus FINAL midlands