The GP Contract 2019/20 makes significant changes to the way GPs will  work. This contract sees funding being driven into PCNs and looks at longer term contracting.

Why the change?

The NHS Long Term Plan committed £4.5 billion more for primary medical and community health services by 2023/24. This will support better care for patients outside hospital in their local communities.

NHS England and the British Medical Association’s General Practitioners Committee agreed a five-year GP (General Medical Services) contract framework from 2019/20. The new contract framework marks some of the biggest general practice contract changes in over a decade and will be essential to deliver the ambitions set out in the NHS Long Term Plan, through strong general practice services.

The contract increases investment and more certainty around funding as it looks to reduce pressure and stabilise general practice. It will ensure general practice plays a leading role in every Primary Care Network (PCN), which will include bigger teams of health professionals working together in local communities. It will mean much closer working between networks and their Integrated Care System.

Key changes in the 2019/20 contract

  • Overall funding in excess of £2.8bn over a five-year period, through practices and networks
  • Indemnity state backed scheme introduced
  • Pay and expenses uplift each year through global sum, in line with predicted inflation
  • Creation of new Primary Care Networks, built up over the five years
  • Additional workforce and linked funding through a new Primary Care Network
  • Amendments to QOF
  • Resources for IT and digital, including greater digital access for patients
  • Delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan ambitions through the additional funding and workforce

Read the full document here:Investment-and-evolution-five-year-framework

GPC Chair Richard Vautrey gives an overview of the changes:

What do GPs need to do next?

The BMA advises that the next steps are to:

  • Commence discussions with neighbouring practices about forming Primary Care Networks
  • Begin the QOF quality improvement modules
  • Discuss with clinical staff what the pay uplift and indemnity expenses reduction mean on an individual basis
  • Provide the pay uplift to other practice staff
  • Look out for further guidance that will be released shortly