We know this is going to be a really tough time for everyone and there’s a lot of help and tips out there, here are some of the best. 

Keeping Active 

The BBC and NHS both have online fitness studios, with work outs and more. 

For the NHS ones click here.

Here are the ones from the BBC.

And of course, if you have children, then Joe Wicks is extremely popular.

Keep Hydrated

Your body needs water to work properly and so you should drink 1-2 litres every day, that around 6 to 8 glasses of water. So keep hydrated. 

Look after your mental health 

This will be a lonely and anxious time for many, so here’s what we recommend: 

  • Get out into the garden, if you have one, to get some fresh air
  • Limit time on social media – this can cause additional, unnecessary stress
  • Stay in touch with people, via phone or video streaming, like Skype. Why not phone someone you’ve not spoken to for ages? Or if you have video streaming, why not arrange regular meetings with groups, or quizzes? 

The NHS and MIND have put together special websites, for more help and advice. 

Every Mind Matters from the NHS. 

Information and advice from MIND.

Derbyshire residents of all ages can now get mental health support between 9am and midnight, 7 days a week on 0300 790 0596. You can read more here.